When the worst is over, here's what you need to do.

After a storm has passed an important task is calling your insurance company. The company will need to know the exact location and condition of your boat and will assist you in what steps to take. Start your claim process.


It's your responsibility to protect your boat from further damage, and its equipment from theft, regardless of its condition. Knotty Oar Marina can help.

Be cautious of leaking fuel, exposed electrical lines (make sure the dockside power is off if there is any chance of dangerous leaking current), missing dock boards, and other dangers. Don't venture out onto docks until it is safe to do so.

What Knotty Oar Marina will do:


  • Secure broken rigging or railings and seal cracks or holes;

  • Documentation - written and photographed - to inventory damage;

  • Remove the craft from the water and begin the cleaning process if craft is salvageable;

  • Remove silt, weeds, mud, and moisture as soon as it can be done safely;

  • Remove debris that could clog bilges and pumps;

  • Monitor the water level in the bilge in the event there is underwater damage;

  • Make sure the engine fuel systems are undamaged and the bilge pump is working; and

  • Help you report all damage right away to the insurance company.

If the boat is sunk, beached, or otherwise in need of salvage, contact your insurance representative for instructions on how to proceed. While you have the right to salvage your boat, contracting with salvors can be tricky business and is best left to insurance professionals. Inexperienced, poorly equipped, or overpriced crews can cause delays and additional damage that may take longer than necessary.


Knotty Oar Marina can be your salvage contractor, we need your permission and the agreement of your insurance company before moving or salvaging your boat.

Whoever raises a sunken boat should begin cleaning the boat and "pickling" and preserving the engine and machinery immediately. Knotty Oar Marina will clean everything, remove cushions to dry, and dry out the interior. Your insurance policy should cover the reasonable cost of any steps you take to reduce further damage.


Knotty Oar Marina provides repossession services for boat and watercraft repossessions. We have the equipment and experienced personnel capable of performing any boat repossession you may need. We are fast, reliable, and easy to work with. Please feel free to call us and discuss your boat repossession assignment.

Time is of the essence for any repossessor. We focus on recovering your boat as quickly as possible within the confines of the law. We own a multitude of trailers that are capable of safely transporting any boat. We are ready to repo your boat today.

We also repossess Jet Skis, Ski Doos and all types of personal watercraft. We have trailers to load watercraft on and transport them. Please call Knotty Oar Marina today to get us started on your boat repossession case right away.


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